Playground Safety Surfaces & Flooring for kids

Playground Safety Surfaces & Flooring for kids


NovoTrack provided the safety prefabricated rubber surface for Tongzhou nursery school.

Kindergarten is a place for children to grow up. And the health of children is very important for parents and schools. 

The prefabricated rubber surfaces of NovoTrack do not contain any toxic heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Its physical properties and chemical quotas fully meet the national standards and environmental protection requirements. Moreover, the unique surface relief and bottom concave nest not only provide sufficient foot friction, but also have excellent impact absorption capacity, providing a safe base for children's activities.

The colorful rubber surfaces have extraordinary anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability, long-lasting and stable color and no color difference.  

Novotrack is Chinese Athletic Association officially appointed supplier for prefabricated rubber surfaces(2014-2017).They have passed the tests made by IAAF.
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