China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports
China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports
China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports
China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports
China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports
China manufacturer for rubber gym flooring rolls for multisports

Item specifics

15 m
1.22 m
8 mm - 13 mm
Red and other color also negotiable



Details of rubber gym flooring rolls


1.The foundation should be smooth enough andwithoutsand.

Grinding and leveling it.Be sure it does not exceed±3mmwhen measured by3m straightedges.

2.According to the daily construction plan,put the prefabricated rubber running track on the planned position.

Draw the basic line according to the drawing.

3.Stir the adhesive as required which will be used within one hour

4.Take the stirred glue to the required area, scratch the glue 2-3 meters equably with toothed scrapers.

5.Put the rubber roll materials on the fixed po -sition,unfold it to be connected with adhesive.

6.Use a special trowel to forcefully flatten the running track surfaces.

Eliminate the air bubbles remaining in the bonding process of the roll and the base.

7.The gap should be fixed by nails.

8.After fixed by nails,pressed by bricks for better connection.

9.Clear the athletics track

10.After finishing the installation, check the whole field,any gap filled with adhesive to be smooth. Then clean the whole field,keep it clean.

11.Draw the line according to the drawing.

12.Lengthen the straight track line,and th- en make the running track number.

Professional synthetic running track surface
It is generally used in large-scale international and domestic professional competition.This rubber running track surface is made according to the IAAF standard regulations.Our products were tested by the German MAP lab officially appointed by the World Athletics and approved that all of our specifications are in conformity with the standards published by World Athletics.
NovoTrack is the cooperating partner of the Chinese Athletic Association to be the only official supplier of the prefabricated athletic track surface from 2014-2017.And our products are all weather track surface.The life for them is more than 8 years.
track and field athletics

Strong deformation resilience
With a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, it can absorb strong impact.

Long service life
Compared with polyurethane and similar products, it has extraordinary anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet abilities, long-lasting and stable color, no color difference, and a service life of more than 10 years.

running track surface

Safety & Eco-friendly
The unique surface undulation and concave bottom air cushion design provide a suitable shock absorption and energy feedback system, which can effectively improve sports performance while ensuring sports safety.

The flooring does not contain any toxic heavy metals and harmful chemical substances, and its physical and chemical properties are in full compliance with national standards and environmental protection requirements. This is indeed for the physical and mental health of sports athletes. The rubber surface layer can still be recycled after its service life expires. Save land resources.
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Novotrack certification

NovoTrack Team

Tianjin NovoTrack Rubber products Co.,Ltd. was set up in 2004 and total investment is 20M RMB,manufacturing especially various kind sports floorings.We have installed millions of square meters of our track surfaces at many city sports centers,university campus,high schools and so on.
We are qualified with ISO-9001,ISO14000 and ISO18000.
NovoTrack-The supplier of the 11th,12th,13th and 14th China National Games.
Our prefabricated rubber track surface is certifacted by World Athletics.

NovoTrack team

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